We are recruiting for a well-networked Social Media Influencer to help influence our brand online.. We would like you to review all sponsorship requirements before proceeding to devise highly appealing content. Upon publication you should also monitor viewers’ feedback and start to strategies about how the company can improve brand, perception and image.


To succeed as a Social Media Influencer, we expect you to exhibit resolute authenticity and thoughtfulness about our company’s vested interests. Ultimately, an exceptional Social Media Influencer should remain culturally literate and responsive to feedback.


Social Media Influencer Responsibilities:

  • Schedule content publications across platforms.

  • Craft and editing pertinent content.

  • Cover all stipulated talking points.

  • Share highly visible links to prescribed websites.

  • Combine through your audience’s feedback to ascertain their insights.

  • Adhere to all other agreed-upon sponsorship guidelines.

  • Convey authentic enthusiasm throughout each publication.


Social Media Influencer Requirements:

  • Demonstrable experience as a far-reaching Social Media Influencer.

  • A large, highly dedicated viewership across multiple channels.

  • Tech-savvy with well-honed marketing abilities.

  • Excellent verbal communication skills.

  • An amicable, authoritative, and culturally aware disposition.

  • Predictably authentic.

  • Identification with broader societal causes.


 If you are interested in joining us, please hit the apply button :)

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