We are looking for a well-organized and analytical chief investment officer (CIO) to manage our company's fundraising activities.

The CIO will provide insight and direction on the cap tables and investor relationships, complete all fund transactions, and effectively maintain relationships for further fundraising events.


To excel in this position, you will possess a sound understanding of all investment policies and guidelines, demonstrate excellent communication skills (written and verbal), and maintain a strong professional work ethic.



  • Establish effective and well-organized investment processes.

  • Organize regular investment reports and reviews, including quantitative and qualitative portfolio studies.

  • Lead the investment strategy unit within the company.

  • Perform regular administration duties of all investment files.

  • Help manage and uphold current client relationships.



  • A degree in finance or a relevant field from an accredited institution.

  • A minimum of 2-3 years related experience.

  • Strong experience leading, supervising, and motivating a team.

  • Strategic thinker and proficient in decision-making.

  • Ability to communicate effectively and in a professional manner.


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